Pam LaCroix, Guardian of the Mother Drum
  • Instructor of Native American Flute
  • Flute Haven Native Flute School Leadership Participant
  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drum Facilitator
  • Studied Yoruba rhythms with Lois Emond of SpiritSong Drummers
  • Reiki Master

If you have never experienced the joyful flow of energy around a drum circle, please come and join us. If you’re already a circle junkie, come and join us. If you play the Native American flute and would love an opportunity to play with rhythm backing and with other flute players, come and join us.

Kokopelli Groove is community music-making at its best. Throughout the evening, the mother drum carries the basic, underlying heartbeat. I will lead three volunteers at a time, playing the mother drum to provide the foundation for djembes, dumbeks, frame drums, rattles and other percussion instruments.  The combined percussion provides the framework for the flutes to weave their magic tones in and out and over the beat.  And drummers -  we will also have an opportunity to let loose on our own.

If you don’t have your own percussion instrument, I will be bringing djembes, tubanos, frame drums and an assortment of rattles to share.  Come and make music with us.

Louise Cyr, Native American Style Flute and Djembe Player

Louise writes, "Playing the flute is a spiritual journey for me.  The songs we play are healing and soothing at many levels.  It is a way for me to reconnect with nature and all the beauty she gives us through the gift of the wood the flute is made of as well as the artistry of the flute maker.  

I am very blessed to be part of a community of Native American flute players who bring healing to the world.  The music we create makes my heart and soul sing and radiate with joy.  To share this gift with others is truly a privilege."

Susan Bradstreet Englert, Graphic Designer

Susan has done all the branding for both Kokopelli Groove and Ami Sarasvati's Native American Flute courses (see Susan is a graphic designer with almost 35 years experience in print design and in areas integral to design such as writing/editing, photography, illustration, and speaking on graphic design. Music has played a large part in her life since childhood. She had piano lessons as a child, played recorder for fun during her high school and college years, and sang in the church choir from the age of 10. Learning how to play the Native American style flute was a natural progression of her love of music, and she especially loves improvisation on her flutes. There is a freedom and sense of peace in playing the flute that she doesn't find anywhere else. Visit Susan's website at

Ami Sarasvati, Group Leader, CMP

My desire to facilitate enjoyable and accessible group musical experiences inspired me to create Kokopelli Groove.

There’s something universal and uniting about playing music together unlike anything else. Some music programs can be intimidating to those who have not had formal musical training. In contrast, Kokopelli Groove is designed to be an empowering and enjoyable experience through the participants' access and choice of indigenous instruments including rattles, drums, and flutes. While flutes do take some training (which is available), rattles and drums can be played right away.

Training and certification includes:

  • Instructor of Native American Flute
  • Flute Haven Native Flute School Leadership Participant
  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drum Facilitator
  • Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)
  • Enrolled in Music For People program
  • Reiki Master Teacher

Being part of a group musical experience in a supportive setting is simply wonderful! Novice players and trained musicians, playing side by side, are invited to relax and enjoy a primitive musical experience. Kokopelli Groove exists to bring joy, harmony, and fellowship to communities.